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Hollywood’s Diamonds in the Rough, Inc. was established in 1998 through the inspiration and collaborative efforts of a local group of community advocates and golf enthusiasts, which included the Hollywood City Manager’s Office, Department of Parks, Recreation & Cultural Arts, Hollywood Police Department and the Orangebrook Golf and Country Club.


Afterschool Golf Enrichment Program and Summer Golf Academy


Golf Instuctor

Over the past 18 years, Diamonds in the Rough has provided me the opportunity to teach inner city youth who don’t have the ability or the opportunity to come to a golf course and see what a golf course is all about… I’ve become a mentor and a friend… and have taught over 10,000 kids… Diamonds is also my family…


In addition to teaching youth basic golf skills and rules, we work together to reinforce the inherent positive values.


Our hope, of course, is for the youth in our programs to continue to practice, learn and play the game of golf. The greater hope is that the discipline and humility taught through healthy competitiveness will transcend the golf course to the fairways of life; that they will be encouraged, empowered and motivated to make better choices.


Summer Golf Program - Our Summer Program is both fun and educational, for children in elementary and middle school.

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